Guitar Lessons

All Levels (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

I Custom Tailor Every Lesson for Every Student

We Move At your pace.

If you’re just getting started we will start with the basics. If you’re an intermediate or advanced player we will work on everything from Theory to the creative process. If you’re stuck in a rut and you feel like you’re not progressing, I can help! When you’re ready to move forward I would love to hear from you. Text me anytime & we will schedule a time to meet. – Steve (562) 743-2829

Improvising Over Track “Intuition”

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Guitar Lesson Packages

Steve’s personal studio is located in Signal Hill (Long Beach Area) where all private guitar lessons will take place

Please Note: (Important!)

All lessons are paid in advance. No exceptions.
For the student or parent that is uncertain about making a long term commitment, a single lesson rate is offered. If after the first lesson the student or parent decides to purchase a package, the single lesson rate will be applied to the package.
All sales are final, no refunds, no exceptions.

Single Lesson

  • $85/hr

6 Lessons

  • $75/hr ($450)

8 Lessons

  • $65/hr ($520)

12 Lessons

  • $55/hr ($660)

Cash, Personal Checks, Paypal or Debit/Credit

Frequently Asked Questions

Each lesson is one hour. As most of my students will tell you, the lessons tend to go a bit longer when time is available and we are not quite finished with what we are working on.
Normally you will take one lesson per week. Most of my students are teachers themselves or they are in a college music program. Sometimes they have deadlines to meet for certain assignments etc. When my students ask for additional days or hours, I do my best to schedule whatever time they need. When you purchase a lesson package, you can use the hours for one lesson a week or as much as you need.
Each lesson is custom tailored for every student. I do have certain things that I use for beginning students such as Fretboard knowledge, Scales and exercises.

After I learn what each student wants to achieve, I begin putting material together for them that will not only keep them interested but keep them working towards a goal.

The lessons are in my private studio in Signal Hill. The address and directions will be texted or emailed to you.
I do have certain things that I use to teach with but in most cases I have several ways of teaching them. I am not the standard classroom teacher. My goal is to get everyone of my students to fall in love with the guitar and music. I dont think that is possible by just reading a book or putting sheet music they dont want to learn, in front of them. Instead, I try to focus on the type or style of music they listen to (Even if it is not what I listen to). I do my best to keep the boring stuff fun.
I teach in my private studio so I have a lot of tools that can help each student accomplish the task at hand. For instance, a student working on harmony or a melody line over a chord progression will need to have a way to record simple backing rhythm tracks. In my studio we can record a simple rhythm track to play over. Sometimes the student just needs a drum beat or rhythm guitar to play over. Either way, when we need to record a fast and simple backing track, it is available. I also help my students with video. Some students have just recently asked if I could help them make their youtube video. Because I do all of the production on my Instructional DVD`s, I have all of the equipment needed to shoot and edit video. Other students just want to SEE progress. So at the beginning of each lesson we start the video camera and film the student playing whatever they were working on during the last lesson. You would be amazed at how well that technique shows even the slightest improvement. That is why you decided to take lessons, right? To improve and move forward.

Another little benefit of taking lessons with me is that I also own a guitar repair shop. If you have ever walked into a major music store and asked how much it costs to work on a guitar you would see that it can be very expensive. As a thank you to my students I take care of your personal instruments when it comes to basic maintenance and repairs. When the repair needed is more than basic work, I charge much less than I charge regular repair customers. That can save hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars every year. Even more if you own more than one instrument. Just to give you an example….. Most guitar repair shops charge $90-$150 for a full set up on a guitar. If you pay $150. every two months for a set up, that`s $900. per year. $1,800 per year if you own two guitars!!! When my students need their guitar set up, I dont send them to a repair guy with directions on what needs to be done. I have been a guitar technician for over 25 years. You buy strings and the set up is on me. You can visit my repair site at

As a general rule- If a guitar player can teach guitar, they should know how to work on a guitar too.

Flexible Hours & Easy Scheduling

Requirements for 1-on-1 Skype Lessons

Duration: 1 hour

What you’ll need:

  • Skype Account
  • Test Run: Scheduled date to test connection
  • Guitar & Webcam


Steve’s skills and ability match that of some of the best guitar players out there. The knowledge I procured and skills I developed because of Steve have led me through years of bands, performances, and life experiences. All of which I will never forget. I highly recommend Steve as a guitar teacher..

Ryan Wimmer

I started taking lessons with Steve last year, and couldn’t be happier with the results. Not only is he super, super knowledgeable but he’s a supportive and incredibly patient teacher as well. His patience and encouragement has been beyond helpful for a student like me who is coming to the craft as an adult…

Michele L.

Steve is a fantastic teacher — very patient, and able to tailor his approach to your skill level. He’s always very positive. He’s also a great luthier, and has worked on several of my guitars with excellent results. Highly recommended on both fronts!

Robb H.